The Future of the Social Sector

Philanthropy's Role in Building a Better Future

We live in an era of intertwined existential challenges: climate change, the rise of authoritarianism, deteriorating social cohesion, and unbridled technological change that is upending our economy, politics, and social relations. Are philanthropy and the social sector up to the task of confronting these challenges? How must philanthropy and the social sector transform their practices, mindsets, and approaches to reckon with these threats? And how can we push beyond them to reshape our economic, civic, and political institutions and build a healthier, more resilient, more equitable and just society?

This year, through virtual convenings, podcasts, and publications, Arabella is bringing together community leaders, experts, and changemakers to discuss how philanthropy could adapt to an era of crises and to imagine the better future we can and must build for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. This conversation is a continuation of Arabella’s Future of the Social Sector series, launched in 2021, which engages a large network of foundations, philanthropists, and impact investors in a dialogue on the future of the social sector and philanthropy’s role in it.

Arabella Senior Director Loren McArthur recently penned a piece on Medium exploring ways philanthropy may need to change to meet the future. Read it now and join the conversation.

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