Amplifying Impact to Achieve Lasting Change

We help foundations of all sizes make their biggest impact.

Foundations large and small benefit from Arabella’s diverse expertise, deep networks, and full suite of services. We meet you where you are to provide the precise, right-sized support to help you surpass your impact goals, both through effective grant programs and by going beyond grant making.

For more than a decade, Arabella has been working closely with leading foundation professionals who are committed to impact and determined to see their efforts create meaningful change. As the philanthropic field has expanded, we too have developed new tools and expertise for addressing the complex challenges we face. Today, the opportunities are greater than ever, but so are the complexities facing foundation professionals:

  • Unclear goals, strategies, and metrics may leave you uncertain about your impact and the best ways forward
  • Frustrating bureaucracy and uncoordinated efforts may limit progress
  • A lack of expertise, capacity, or accurate information may lead to missed opportunities
  • And the workload and coordination involved in effective philanthropy and impact investing may become overwhelming

We tackle the complexities facing foundation professionals, allowing you to focus on your vision for change. We can survey the landscape and map your strategy, supply operational capacity and expertise, manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders, help you build productive and powerful partnerships, enable you to learn what works best, and more.