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From Crisis to Opportunity: How Philanthropy Can Help Secure the Future

From Crisis to Opportunity: How Philanthropy Can Help Secure the Future

We invite you to join Arabella Advisors as we continue our Future of the Social Sector series with our next virtual convening:

We live in an era of intertwined existential challenges: climate change, the rise of authoritarianism, deteriorating social cohesion, and unbridled technological change that is upending our economy, politics, and social relations. Are philanthropy and the social sector up to the task of confronting these challenges? How do we need to transform practices, mindsets, and approaches to reckon with them? And how can we push beyond them to reshape our economic, civic, and political institutions and build a healthier, more resilient, more equitable and just society?

Our next online convening will begin to explore these questions through a conversation featuring Ann Mei Chang, CEO of Candid and author of Lean Impact, and Michele Lawrence Jawando, senior vice president of programs at the Omidyar Network, in discussion with Arabella’s president, Rick Cruz.

Join us via Zoom on May 18
1:30 – 2:45 p.m. ET/10:30 – 11:45 a.m. PT

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More on our featured speakers:

Ann Mei Chang is the CEO of Candid, a nonprofit that provides the most comprehensive data about the social sector. Ann Mei leads Candid in increasing the social sector’s ability to do good using data, technology, and compassion. She is a social innovator and author of Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good.  Ann Mei served as chief innovation officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development and executive director of its U.S. Global Development Lab. She was chief innovation officer for Pete for America, chief innovation officer at Mercy Corps, and senior advisor for women and technology at the U.S. Department of State. She has more than 20 years of experience at Google, Apple, and Intuit. Ann Mei earned a B.S. in computer science from Stanford University.


Michele Lawrence Jawando is Omidyar Network’s first senior vice president of programs, overseeing the program teams’ global mission across impact themes as Omidyar Network works to tackle the biggest, most intractable challenges facing the planet in the decades ahead. Before joining Omidyar Network, Michele was the head of US strategic engagement and public policy partnerships at Google. In that capacity, she helped to direct more than $80 million in resources to issues related to elections, cybersecurity, gender equity, disability rights, and more. Prior to Google, Michele served as vice president at the Center for American Progress, a think tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.


Rick Cruz is Arabella Advisors’ president, leading the firm’s day-to-day operations based on his more than 25 years of experience in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. Over the last decade, Rick has served in a variety of senior roles at leading social sector education and youth development enterprises, including College Board, America’s Promise Alliance, FSG, Teach For America, and DC Prep Public Charter Schools. Rick is deeply committed to advancing equity in education, and is a frequent panelist and speaker about public education and reform efforts. Rick also holds board positions at several local and national nonprofits, including Instruction Partners and the Washington International School. Rick is a member of the Pahara-Aspen Fellowship and the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

RSVP now to join us via Zoom on May 18, 2022
1:30-2:45 p.m. ET/10:30-11:45 a.m. PT.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue our ongoing conversation series on the Future of the Social Sector. Through podcasts, publications, and more convenings like this one, we will bring together community leaders, experts, and changemakers to discuss the ways philanthropy can confront a new era of intertwined challenges.

Toward that end, Arabella Senior Director Loren McArthur recently penned a piece on Medium exploring ways philanthropy may need to change to meet the future. Read it now and join the conversation.

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