Impact Investing

Use Investments to Deepen Your Reach and Impact

Investors increasingly recognize the potential of investment capital to reach corners of the market that grants and government policies do not. While grant making remains philanthropy’s most powerful tool, it is not enough to solve the world’s most complex problems at scale. Using the power of markets to address these problems opens up new pathways to impact that complement and enhance the work of grants.

Impact investing is at a critical point in its development. Long considered unproven, it now has a track record of helping to foster market innovations and seed and scale solutions. Many of the foundations we work with have used investments that seek both financial and social returns to support social enterprises and nonprofit organizations that deliver health care, infrastructure, sanitation, and other critical needs for the populations they serve.

Often, investors play a catalytic role in turning great social-impact ideas into products and services that reach the world’s most vulnerable people and places. Investment capital can fill market gaps and build the capacity of social enterprises—enabling them to attract capital in a way that grants cannot, and putting them on the path to self-sustenance.

Arabella’s team works to engage more investors in the space by partnering closely with them to develop strategies and approaches that work for them.

Regardless of where you are on your investment journey—whether you are looking to get started, wanting to expand your practice, or seeking to understand the impact of a portfolio—we meet you where you are, ground your work in the context of current trends and practices, and help you source and structure investments that align with your goals.

For investors who want to go deeper into a sector, we can also leverage our expertise across issues and our extensive networks to identify opportunities for direct investment.


How Arabella Can Help

  • Educate staff and board about the realities of impact investing
  • Facilitate strategy development
  • Identify the right governance structure for an impact investing practice
  • Source potential investments
  • Conduct deep due diligence
  • Structure and close investments
  • Develop impact evaluation metrics and frameworks
  • Monitor social and financial impact at the investment and portfolio levels

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Essentials of Impact Investing

We helped write the book on impact investing for small-staffed foundations and have developed a wide range of reports on effective impact investing efforts. To learn more, see the reports below:

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An Economy for All

Chronic underfunding holds women and people of color entrepreneurs back despite the fact that their businesses have an outsized impact on the economy. That's why we're on a mission to help investors build a more inclusive economy for all.

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