Strategy, Evaluation & Learning

Find the Way to Meaningful Change

Based on nearly two decades of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating efforts to drive social and environmental impact, Arabella Advisors can help you understand the landscape, find the right path forward, and achieve your philanthropic goals.

The rapid pace of change and the growing complexity of the world’s problems have led to new challenges in philanthropy—but also to new opportunities to make a real difference. First-time funders and seasoned professionals alike can use help navigating philanthropy’s new landscapes and finding the best ways to create meaningful change.

Nearly two decades of experience has taught us that increased impact is typically a function of ongoing learning. As such, Arabella partners closely with clients to develop strategies that integrate evaluation, as well as evaluations that generate actionable insights and even new strategies. Our experts can work shoulder-to-shoulder with you or your team to imagine what’s possible, design the best strategy, track and evaluate outcomes, and course correct as necessary. Or, we can provide any part of the puzzle you may be missing: help with strategy, expert evaluation, or tools and guidance for functioning fully as a learning organization.


How Arabella Can Help

  • Strategic planning
  • Grantmaking strategies
  • Impact investing strategies
  • Cross-portfolio strategies
  • Advocacy strategies
  • Collaboration strategies
  • Multi-generational strategies
  • Advocacy evaluation
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Formative evaluation
  • Outcome evaluation
  • Evaluation capacity-building
  • Evaluation frameworks and planning
  • Evaluation readiness assessments

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