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Our Next “Future of the Social Sector” Webinar

Our Next “Future of the Social Sector” Webinar

We invite you to join Arabella‘s third virtual convening on the Future of the Social Sector, which will focus on new models for investing in financial security. The Covid-19 pandemic and a national reckoning on race have combined to disrupt and simultaneously electrify the pursuit of economic security and mobility. Practically overnight, the ways in which governments, philanthropy, and corporations had previously addressed these issues underwent rapid innovation.

By necessity, direct cash payments were rushed to hundreds of millions of American households—first via philanthropy and nonprofits, then via state and federal governments. Meanwhile, corporations and foundations made unprecedented commitments to combat the racial wealth gap, and the mainstream discourse on race, economics, and society changed to include far more discussion about guaranteed basic income, reparations, and redistributing capital from white-controlled institutions to communities of color. Federal, state, and local governments even began to bring some of these previously marginalized ideas to life through policymaking.

As we continue to look to the future of the social sector, we will explore current opportunities these recent disruptions have created, as well as remaining barriers. We will reckon with the fact that the events of the past 18 months forced us to test solutions that we previously believed American society wasn’t ready to test at scale. What have we learned from these efforts? What new ways to address economic equity are especially promising? What will it take to bring these newly proven solutions fully to life? Also, what didn’t work, and why?

Join us to explore these questions and more:

New models for investing in financial security – what 2020 revealed

September 8, 2021 at 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. ET | Click here to RSVP

This session will feature Camille Busette and Elena Chavez Quezada in discussion with Arabella CEO Sampriti Ganguli. Together, they will explore questions about the proper roles of government and philanthropy, and how each can—and should—bolster the capacity of the other to provide for the public good.

RSVP to join us via Zoom on Sept 8th from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. ET/11:00 am to 12:15 p.m. PT.

More on our participants:

Camille M. Busette, PhD is a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution with affiliated appointments in economic studies and the metropolitan policy programs. She is the director of the race, prosperity, and inclusion initiative, Brookings’ cross-program initiative focused on issues of equity, racial justice, and economic mobility for low-income communities and communities of color. At Brookings, her work has focused on systemic racism, the economic advancement of Black and Native American boys, the importance of social relationships to economic mobility, and equity in health care and in local and state government policy priorities and builds on her work for low-income populations at EARN (now SaverLife) and the Center for American Progress.


Elena Chavez Quezada is embarking on a new adventure with former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs to end poverty in California. Most recently, Elena was vice president of programs at the San Francisco Foundation, where she worked to advance the foundation’s focus on racial equity and economic inclusion in the Bay Area. She previously oversaw the economic security portfolio at the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, and was a senior program officer at Tipping Point Community. Elena is also head of investments at the Chávez Family Foundation, which invests in programs and leaders at the intersection of immigration, education, and entrepreneurship. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two sons.



Sampriti Ganguli is Arabella Advisors’ chief executive officer, a role she’s held for the past six years. Prior to Arabella, Sampriti worked at CEB, now Gartner, advising C-Level executives on risk management, governance, and finance and legal operations. She also worked with 220 federal agencies in the United States and Canada as they developed best-practices in personnel and operational management. She started her career in management consulting at Deloitte. In her free time, she is an officer of the election in Arlington County, VA where she lives with her husband and two teenage sons.

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