Nonprofit Management

Enabling Changemakers to Make More Change

We help nonprofit organizations achieve their impact goals by providing specialized operational and administrative support, including compliance management, human resources management, and accounting services. We often work closely with nonprofit fiscal sponsors and the projects they host, helping them operate more efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

We have expertise in:

Incubating for Impact: Considerations for Social Impact Leaders to Make the Most of Fiscal Sponsorship at Each Stage of Its Life Cycle

Over the past 15 years, we have supported the incubation of hundreds of social impact initiatives. Fiscal sponsorship comes with numerous benefits and considerations, but it’s almost never a static endeavor. In this paper, we map the life cycle of a fiscally sponsored project and suggest questions for project leaders and funders to explore at each stage. We hope that, with this paper, nonprofit leaders will be empowered to identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and move more quickly and seamlessly toward fulfilling their missions.

Accelerating Impact Through Strategic Incubation

Fiscal sponsors can increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and enhance effectiveness by providing the fundamentals of nonprofit administration. Increasingly, though, funders have the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and expertise their intermediary partners have accumulated through hosting multiple social change initiatives. Experienced intermediaries can guide donors and social entrepreneurs through choices that can make or break a program, such as governance and decision-making structures, staffing plans, budget scenarios, and which consultants or technology solutions to engage.