Convening & Facilitation

Engage Stakeholders and Build Consensus to Further Your Goal

Bringing together peers, grantees, board members, and family members can be a powerful way to solve problems, share knowledge, and make decisions. Arabella crafts convening and meeting content that is centered on your goals and provides facilitation that ensures all voices are heard, resulting in actionable, impactful outcomes.

From funders looking for innovative solutions, to grantees grappling with tough challenges, families shaping the future of their foundation, and more, Arabella’s experienced convening planners, implementers, and facilitators know what it takes to create a successful meeting. Whether you’re gathering hundreds or just a few, Arabella designs compelling, goal-focused agendas, conducts effective communications with attendees, ensures smooth implementation, and offers skilled facilitation that can help you work through even the thorniest issues.

We know that successful meetings and convenings take time and staff capacity that funders don’t always have. We recognize that it doesn’t matter who is in the room if the content isn’t relevant, compelling, and actionable, and understand that meaningful decisions only occur when everyone’s voice is truly heard. Arabella can help you overcome the challenges that come with gathering diverse stakeholders, bringing you closer to achieving the impact you seek.


How Arabella Can Help

  • Arabella’s skilled facilitators are neutral-third parties who can help bridge differences and move projects forward.
  • We have tools, techniques, and exercises that can help facilitate decision making and progress.
  • As trusted allies, we take the time to understand your ultimate philanthropic aspirations and tailor our support accordingly.
  • We’re on the ground, flexible problem solvers and help make sure meetings and convenings run smoothly, providing capacity where you need it most.
  • We can help convene stakeholders, build virtual learning networks and drive impact through shared understanding.

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