Fiscal Sponsorship

Freeing You to Focus on the Mission

Independent fiscal sponsor organizations come to Arabella for our best-in-class financial, operations, compliance, and nonprofit management support. Thanks to that support, nonprofit leaders and changemakers are able to focus more squarely on their missions while our team of nonprofit operations experts manages many of the details.

No two social and environmental change initiatives are alike, and the tools and platforms by which donors execute them are more sophisticated than ever. In many cases, establishing a new nonprofit entity is not the most effective use of a funder’s resources, as creating an effort from the ground up requires significant labor, time, and expertise. A fiscal sponsor can partner with you to take stock of the tools available to you and determine how your resources can best be deployed. Fiscal sponsors can incubate new initiatives that enable donors and social entrepreneurs to quickly begin delivering on their social mission while entrusting operations, finances, and compliance to experts in nonprofit management.

Arabella’s fiscal sponsor clients include both 501(c)(3) public charities and 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations:

  • The New Venture Fund is one of the premier fiscal sponsors in the world, executing some of philanthropy’s most complex domestic and international projects and partnering with the majority of the nation’s leading foundations.
  • The Windward Fund seeks to raise public awareness about the importance of conservation, climate and environmental issues, sustainable food systems, and the protection of land, wildlife, and other natural resources. It provides a platform for donors committed to building a stronger conservation movement to learn from each other, forge relationships with peers and experts, and collaborate efficiently to make the most of their resources.
  • The Sixteen Thirty Fund is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that partners with a range of donors to lobby for public policy change, lead effective public education and issue advocacy campaigns, and, in some instances, undertake targeted and strategic political activities to achieve their social and environmental goals.
  • The Hopewell Fund helps donors, social entrepreneurs, and other changemakers quickly launch new initiatives. Hopewell offers a nimble, quick-to-market platform for incubating and testing innovative ideas.