Program & Organization Management

Get the Assistance You Need to Grow Your Impact

Arabella’s dedicated team of professionals can act as your program, operational, and even financial staff, enabling you to focus on philanthropy’s more meaningful aspects while providing you access to experts who understand what it takes to deliver impact.

Arabella provides a wide range of services designed to enable funders to expand their capacity, focus on the aspects of philanthropy they find most meaningful, and ultimately increase their impact. Whether you need an experienced project manager or a team to run your entire foundation, we can provide a customized, right-sized solution.

Effective philanthropy involves many moving and complex parts: establishing sound financial practices, understanding how to comply with rules and regulations, effectively interacting with grantees, issuing grants and transactions without hiccups and headaches, and more. It involves attention to detail, flexibility, expertise, and time. We know, because we wholly manage several foundations, coordinate some of the world’s most complex donor partnerships, and support programs for many leading philanthropies. When it comes to managing the ins and outs of philanthropic initiatives, our team has seen it all, and this positions us to help you achieve the impact you seek—by troubleshooting and advising with creativity and confidence, and by executing flawlessly.


How Arabella Can Help

  • Provide accordion capacity
  • Manage projects that support grant programs
  • Coordinate communications efforts, including websites, collateral materials, and IT support
  • Run projects that extend across multiple program areas
  • Help ensure legal compliance
  • Provide a physical address and office space for meetings
  • Manage day-to-day operations and finances
  • Coordinate biannual or quarterly reviews of foundation investments
  • Monitor, prepare, and file all state reports and manage state registrations

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