2020 Impact Report

As the intersecting crises of 2020 took hold, more people than ever
looked to Arabella for help. Practically across the board, our clients
and partners sought to do more.

Check out our first-ever Impact Report to see how we helped
changemakers go from idea to impact in 2020.

The Future of the Social Sector

If we can learn the right lessons, philanthropy has a unique
opportunity to redefine itself, strengthen the social sector
in which it operates, and help create a better future.
Learn more in our latest series.

Building An Economy for All

We have updated our 2019 report on how philanthropy
can unlock capital for women entrepreneurs and
entrepreneurs of color through inclusive investing.
Read more here.

Responding to COVID-19

Along with the rest of the philanthropic community,
Arabella Advisors continues to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.
Find our COVID-19 resources here.

Working to Increase Equity in Grant Making

Building on a wide range of input, members of our DEI task force
have developed a tool to help grant makers embed DEI principles
into their processes. Learn More.

We help our clients improve the world through
effective philanthropy and impact investing.
Learn more about how Arabella can help.

How we help


Helping families and individuals engage for change.

How we help


Delivering comprehensive services to amplify impact.

How we help


Designing, building and running effective philanthropic programs.

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