Ideas and Impact

New Models for Investing in Financial Security – What 2020 Revealed

In Arabella‘s third virtual convening on the Future of the Social Sector, we focused on new models for investing in financial security. The Covid-19 pandemic and a national reckoning on race have combined to disrupt and simultaneously electrify the pursuit of economic security and mobility. Practically overnight, the ways in which governments, philanthropy, and corporations had previously addressed these issues underwent rapid innovation.

As we continue to look to the future of the social sector, we explored current opportunities these recent disruptions have created, as well as remaining barriers. We reckoned with the fact that the events of the past 18 months forced us to test solutions that we previously believed American society wasn’t ready to test at scale. What did we learned from these efforts? What new ways to address economic equity are especially promising? What will it take to bring these newly proven solutions fully to life? Also, what didn’t work, and why?

This session featured Camille Busette and Elena Chavez Quezada in discussion with Arabella’s former CEO, Sampriti Ganguli. Together, they explored questions about the proper roles of government and philanthropy, and how each can—and should—bolster the capacity of the other to provide for the public good.