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Using Integrated Philanthropic Platforms

Using Integrated Philanthropic Platforms

The team at Arabella Advisors is increasingly fielding questions from clients and partners about the best vehicles and approaches to use for different types of philanthropic giving. With so much change going on across the country, and so much need all over the world, the philanthropists and impact investors we work with are more focused than ever on questions like: 

  • When should I set up a private foundation as opposed to using a donor advised fund? 
  • Should I join a donor collaborative or should I go it alone? 
  • Would I benefit from setting up a social-impact focused LLC, as a variety of high-profile philanthropists recently have?  
  • Most importantly, what’s the best way to deploy my philanthropic resources effectively to accomplish the impact I want to see?  

Of course, the right answers to questions like these depend significantly on the circumstances and goals of each individual funder. Nevertheless, as we have noted before in white papersblog posts, and published research, we see remarkable potential in using new and integrated platforms to go beyond traditional grant-making philanthropy. With that in mind, our team has developed a brief explainer video, designed to help aspiring philanthropists and changemakers begin to think through the options now available to them—and what they might be able to accomplish by working through an integrated philanthropic platform.   

Our aim was to create something to share with anyone who might benefit from thinking through an innovative approach to philanthropyWatch the video at the top of this page, and reach out to to learn more.


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