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Sampriti Ganguli on Leading a B Corp

Sampriti Ganguli on Leading a B Corp

Arabella Advisors’ CEO Sampriti Ganguli was profiled today in the Huffington Post column “CSR Matters.”

The profile covers Sampriti’s own story and provides insights into the opportunities and challenges of leading a B Corp like Arabella. In it, Sampriti notes that:

“B Corp leaders … organize their companies around questions like ‘What kind of company do we want to be? With whom do we want to work? What service or product can we provide to delight customers? How can I translate these ideas into a company that is both profitable and meaningful?’ From there, they determine how to grow.”

She also explores Arabella’s ongoing work to build diversity, equity, and inclusion into the firm and the field.

Read the full article here.

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