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Arabella’s New Podcast: Meet the People Who Inspire Us

Arabella’s New Podcast: Meet the People Who Inspire Us

The Arabella Advisors team gets to work with inspiring people every day. Our network of clients and partners includes changemakers and philanthropic leaders who are driving efforts to combat COVID-19, advance racial justice, mitigate climate change, build better food systems, create an economy for all, and more. Today, we’re excited to announce a new way for you to (virtually) meet some of these remarkable people: through our new podcast, built around conversations with leaders we know who are helping to turn inspiring ideas into life-changing impact.

By using the podcast medium, we hope to create a space where such changemakers can talk candidly about their work, backgrounds, struggles, accomplishments, and hopes for the future. Through their stories and insights, we aim to help listeners better understand the challenges, opportunities, trends, and (of course) practices driving high-impact philanthropy today. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll release a series of episodes, each of which places a different changemaker in conversation with a different member of the Arabella Advisors team.

Our first episode features a conversation between chef, author, and community activist Tanya Holland and Arabella Advisors founder, Eric Kessler. Chef Tanya has appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef, Food Network’s Melting Pot, and HBO Max’s Selena + Chef. Eric leads Arabella Advisors’ “Good Food” practice and has recently written about what the COVID-19 crisis means for our food systems. During the episode, Eric and Tanya discuss her impact inside and outside of the kitchen and how food provides a lens into numerous other social issues, from racial justice to economic security.

You can sample some soundbites here. Better yet, download the full episode and indulge.

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