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Antonio Tijerino and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Antonio Tijerino and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

In the latest episode of Arabella Advisors’ podcast, Chief Revenue Officer, Rick Cruz spoke with Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Here’s some of what he shared during their conversation:

  • On the upcoming Hispanic Heritage Awards: “We want to make sure we’re honoring cultural icons alongside American stories that need to be told”.
  • On honoring Hispanic workers at NASA: “We are going beyond affecting our own community and country and world. And we are very excited to have [our children] look at these models of what can be accomplished and impacted. They represent not only what is possible on this Earth but beyond this Earth.”
  • “Instead of saying ‘just stay home’, we need to give people a reason to stay home…and the best chance to be able to hash out a career and create a better life for themselves and their families”
  • “This is a humanitarian crisis that is being dealt with like it’s a political crisis.”
  • “How do we have children, and not be able to see ourselves in these children?”
  • “Having some sense of hope, of community, of belonging, that somebody out there cares for you.”
  • “You have to have a belief in humanity.”
  • “6 out of 10 girls, who look like our girls, are getting sexually assaulted.”
  • “You can’t look at it as a lump sum…Millions is a number, one is a tragedy. We have to look at it as one family with one mother and two children that are trying to get to Tennessee.”
  • “We have to be more impatient with injustice.”
  • “You can’t say that you’re an ally without actually being an ally.”
  • “We are 1 in 4 students but we’re only 6% of teachers and only 1% are male.”
  • “If you want to be an activist, pay attention to the first three letters of that word.”
  • “I get led by my community, you, and youth. I would rather get led by a 16 year old than a 60 year old.”
  • “The two things that have motivated be most in life is someone believing in me, and someone not believing in me. I’d rather have the first.”
  • “My leadership style is to follow.”
  • “We need to make sure that nonprofit leaders represent their communities as much as possible.”


To hear more from Antonio about where he hopes to change the world, and the vital work being done by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, listen to the full conversation between he and Rick here.

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