Arabella's Racial Wealth Gap Practice

Changemakers and philanthropists know that good intentions are just the beginning. Impact is what matters. At Arabella, we share a commitment to expanding equity in the social sector and beyond. As part of that work, we launched the Racial Wealth Gap Practice in 2021 with the goal of focusing more intentionally and urgently on race and the systemic inequalities that permeate every aspect of our society and economy. We seek to support communities of color in accessing economic opportunity and prosperity.

How Arabella is Helping Changemakers Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Arabella’s Racial Wealth Gap practice supports communities of color with a specific emphasis on Black households. We aim to advance solutions to asset inequity by leveraging the depth and breadth of our philanthropic expertise, our keen understanding of grant making and impact investing as catalytic capital, and our commitment to bringing a bold, entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy. Our network brings together donor collaborations and fiscal sponsorship platforms to launch bold initiatives and bring them to scale.

Our practice is guided by five core ideas

Redefining the racial wealth gap and shifting mindsets

The practice will work to make the case that wealth is more than money. It will advance the narrative that generational wealth both comes from and creates political power, leadership, social mobility, home ownership, savings, and equity in health and education.

Supporting research leads to better outcomes

We will support academic and applied research that increases and strengthens our understanding of the most effective pathways towards building Black wealth and fortifying the community of researchers focusing on this issue.



Advocacy is required for success

The practice will promote advocacy initiatives aimed at transforming tax ownership, education, and other policies that have contributed to structural and sustained inequality.

New ideas are required

The practice will support social changemakers with novel ideas and invest in scaling efforts to seed initiatives and business models that advance equitable outcomes for the Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities.

Engaging donors of color

Arabella is committed to leveraging the full scope of our resources to support current donors of color and engage new ones in this work. Truly equitable outcomes are only possible if the process itself is equitable.

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