Ideas and Impact

Reckoning with the Climate Emergency: Movements, Moonshots, and Philanthropy’s Role in Securing a Just and Stable Future

Addressing the climate crisis requires aggressive and immediate action to both reduce emissions and remove existing carbon from the atmosphere. What strategies can philanthropists support that will most rapidly and effectively move our society toward a stable climate future? What are the opportunities to support movement organizations that are building public and political will for climate action and a just, equitable transition from a fossil fuel-based economy? Should philanthropists make big bets on geoengineering, carbon capture, and nuclear energy—and if so, what are the risks? What are the tensions between strategies that focus on developing and deploying these new technologies and those that aim to center the voices and leadership of communities most directly harmed by fossil fuel extraction and pollution?

The conversation featured Danielle Deane-Ryan, the director of equitable climate solutions at Bezos Earth Fund; Sarah Kearney, the executive director of Prime Coalition; and Michelle Martinez, the director of the Tishman Center for Social Justice and the Environment at the University of Michigan. Bruce Boyd, principal and senior managing director at Arabella Advisors, moderated the conversation  

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