Our Teams


Our Advisory team guides philanthropists in using their assets most effectively and meaningfully. Clients come to us for many reasons: to make more strategic grants, to bring other funders together to augment their impact, to evaluate past investments, to develop better governance processes, and much more. We work with all types of philanthropists—from families to institutional foundations to corporations.

Our services range from short-term consulting focused on developing strategies, conducting due diligence on potential grantees, or evaluating a particular program, to long-term engagements such as providing back-office support for small foundations, conducting multi-year evaluations, or implementing large-scale philanthropic programs.

We also offer impact investing services, which entails working with clients who are interested in using return-seeking investments to further their social or environmental impact goals. We help funders understand how impact investments can complement their other philanthropic activities, develop investing strategies that support their missions, identify promising investment opportunities, structure transactions, monitor their investments, and more.

We need great people to join this team at every level—from assistants and associates to managing directors.