Key Success Standards

Our employees are successful for many reasons, and we particularly look for the following four characteristics.


Successful Arabellans are driven to help the firm improve and their teams achieve their missions and objectives. When they encounter an obstacle, they are not overwhelmed but determined to solve the problem by making optimal use of available resources. Ambiguity does not paralyze their performance, and they have the agility to maneuver through a rapidly changing environment or project.

Committed to Excellence

Successful Arabellans take pride in their work. They are service-oriented, and focused on delivering quality products in the most efficient way possible. They take responsibility for their actions and pride themselves on their excellent reputations among colleagues, clients, and others. They make optimal use of available resources to continually develop their expertise and strive for mastery in their role. They seek constructive feedback about their performance, recognizing it as an opportunity to learn.


Successful Arabellans have the interpersonal skills needed to develop strong collaborative relationships that enable them to work efficiently and effectively. They are highly self-aware and can successfully convey to others both what they can handle and where they need help. They communicate clearly, concisely, and professionally, both in speech and in writing, and they practice active listening to ensure that they understand others.

They do not assume that they always have the right answers, and realize that success often comes from a willingness to integrate different perspectives, test assumptions and ideas openly, and explore new possibilities. While they value cooperation and consensus, they are willing to raise concerns as needed and even engage in productive conflict with a focus on finding solutions.

Positive & Passionate

Successful Arabellans are people who others would describe as positive forces. Their passion for the work they do and the impact it has is energizing, and others look forward to working with them. They are resilient when faced with stress, uncertainty, and setbacks. They do not shirk from new challenges, but see them as opportunities through which to develop. They put the mission first, and are willing to lend a hand on tasks big and small. They look for ways to make the workplace more enjoyable for their colleagues.