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Redstone Strategy Group has Joined Arabella Advisors

Redstone Strategy Group has Joined Arabella Advisors

Arabella Advisors announced today that Redstone Strategy Group has joined the Arabella team and will now operate as a division within Arabella’s Advisory Services practice. Operating from offices in Colorado, California, and New York, Redstone works alongside institutional foundations and leading nonprofits to help them address and solve many of the world’s most urgent and complex challenges. As a result of the acquisition, which was formally completed January 13, 2023. Arabella Advisors will broaden and deepen the set of consulting services it provides to help clients across the philanthropic sector maximize their impact.

As a division within Arabella Advisors, the Redstone team will continue to grow and expand its work and impact, with support from the broader Arabella team. At the same time, the union of the two firms will increase their collective ability to support clients working to tackle society’s biggest challenges more efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are uniting with Redstone Strategy, extending our ability to support foundation clients as they pursue solutions to social problems through partnerships, impact investing, grantmaking, and more,” said Rick Cruz, Arabella’s president and CEO. “We know the world is facing urgent and complex challenges, but we also know there is immense opportunity to achieve necessary change. This new partnership with Redstone will position us to help our clients create the greatest possible impact in our rapidly changing world.”

Nathan Huttner, Redstone’s managing partner, added: “We know that the cutting edge of social impact lies in justice, empowerment, and co-creation with community. We see this partnership as being perfectly positioned to both deliver operational excellence and help clients turn execution into greater impact.”


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