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Amplify Your Impact by Convening Grantees Effectively

Funders seeking to increase the impact of their grant-making programs and make progress on pressing social issues are often tempted to bring grantees (and sometimes others) together through convenings designed to share ideas and insights, advance issues of shared concern, and build deeper connections. People collaborating with others can often conceive innovative solutions in a way they might not be able to working individually. However, it is not easy to build a meeting that spurs engagement and produces creative ideas. Even the best intended meetings can lose steam and wind up with attendees checking their email or fiddling with their phones. We frequently work with funders, nonprofit organizations, and state and local agencies to design convenings and have learned we can create a different sort of meeting, one that fully engages participants and contributes to advancing grantees’ ongoing work. Here are tactics that ensure attendees will keep their phones in their pockets—and walk away armed and inspired to create lasting change. Continue reading >

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