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Why Investing in Media is Critical to Successful Advocacy

As more and more funders realize the importance of engaging in advocacy to effect broad-scale change, they are also increasingly aware that media and communications strategies can be crucial in getting their message to the people who can spur that change. Arabella recently hosted a webinar featuring three experts in media, communications, and digital strategies who raised crucial arguments for why funders should make these types of investments and how they can best position themselves—and their grantees—for success. As we wrote in a previous post, funders who do not engage in advocacy increasingly risk ceding influence over critical policies to deep-pocketed individuals and corporations willing and eager to fund these activities. And, the most effective advocacy strategy is one that incorporates strategic communications—be it political will-building, online communications, or raising public awareness more broadly—to push for the policy change in question. Funders who fail to help their grantees tell their stories through social media, film, websites, traditional media, and/or other communications platforms are missing a major opportunity to advance their goals.

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