Issues & Ideas

Arabella Advisors supports clients working on issues that span the social sector. In addition, we have internal teams, networks, and experts who focus on particular issues, including the following:

Issues in Focus

Additional issue specialty areas:

Early Childhood

We work with funders who understand the lasting impact of early childhood interventions, since children only get one chance at a strong start. Our deep expertise in early childhood issues—from home-visiting and doula programs to the federal and state policies behind universal pre-K—enables us to design customized strategies that target your particular goals, identify promising grantees, and evaluate your impact on the field.

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Global Development

We work with clients to identify, nurture, and scale innovative solutions to the social and environmental challenges faced by communities around the world. Our work in over 50 countries over the past decade has shown us the considerable complexities—and the great opportunity—that come with working in global health and development. We’ve helped launch an international grant-making collaborative to support farmers and indigenous communities, conducted due diligence on international grantees, and evaluated program-related investments in the developing world. How can we help you?

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Equity and Social Justice

We work with many clients who envision a more equitable society—one in which all individuals are afforded the same opportunities for a fulfilling, prosperous life. There are many strategies for reducing poverty, ensuring equal access to opportunity, strengthening human rights, and protecting the dignity of all people—and we stand ready to help you implement whichever approaches most resonate with you, or to help you develop your own.

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We have worked extensively with a full range of institutional, family, and corporate clients on projects aimed at improving, reforming, or expanding educational opportunities—both across the country and across the globe. In such a broad field, knowing where and how to launch an effective intervention can be challenging. Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of education policy at the local, state, and federal levels; the best tactics for making a difference in early education, K-12, and postsecondary; and the most effective ways to measure your impact. We have years of experience convening funders—as well as teachers, policymakers, and other stakeholders—to share ideas and align behind common goals. With our support, our clients have given more children access to a high-quality education, putting them on a path to a better life.

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We support funders who work to safeguard and advance human health both domestically and abroad. We’ve worked with foundations of all sizes seeking to improve health outcomes in their communities, as well as corporations and investors who envision new models of health care financing and delivery. We can help you understand the complexities of health care delivery in today's environment and find the way to meaningful impact.

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Civic Engagement

We work with funders who understand the value of active engagement in society and are seeking support in furthering those goals. Our portfolio of civic engagement projects focuses on increasing access to information, encouraging individuals to get more involved in their communities, boosting voter turnout, and ensuring all voices have adequate representation in public life. Our team can help you craft a civic engagement strategy, launch a new initiative to effect on-the-ground change, and more.

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Community and Economic Development

For our clients who are interested in strengthening their community, we bring our expertise in place-based funding to bear as we design strategies, convene like-minded funders, and implement new programs. Whether your goal is to increase access to job and educational opportunities, provide affordable housing, or bolster arts and culture, we can help.

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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

We support a variety of funders interested in equipping adults and children with the skills and supports they need in order to thrive in life and work. We’ve helped launch several projects that zero in on social and emotional wellbeing, such as innovative models for expanding access to mental health care for vulnerable populations and school-based efforts to teach children how to manage their emotions, establish healthy relationships, and rise above stressful situations.

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