Conservation & Climate

Advancing Solutions to Global Conservation and Climate Challenges

Arabella’s conservation and climate experts work with a wide range of clients at the forefront of efforts to protect critical land and water resources in the United States and around the world, and to address climate change through clean energy, policy advocacy, and more resilient communities.

Around the world, land and water resources are coming under increasing pressure, even as the need to slow the pace of climate change becomes more clear. Our lands, forests, rivers, oceans, and wildlife are under threatas are many communities worldwide that need clean energy and deserve social justice. The complexity and scale of the issues we face are daunting. But the opportunities are also significant.

Committed activists have recently made important strides in conservation and climate work, and we see more opportunities on the horizon. By working together, donors and investors committed to protecting the future of our shared world can learn from one another, build relationships across sectors, and pool resources to achieve greater impact.

We recently supported organizations working behind the scenes at COP21, the United Nations climate change conference, helping them build strategies and execute grants that helped bring marginalized groups to the negotiating table. We’ve also worked with multiple funders to implement collaborative conservation projects that are protecting land and water resources in the United States and abroad.

Whatever your conservation and climate goals, we can help you navigate this complex funding landscape and achieve real impact on behalf of your community and the planet as a whole.

The Windward Fund

In 2015, the Windward Fund was founded in response to donors who expressed a desire to be more connected to their peers’ work, and to partner with experts in conservation nonprofit management to execute bold initiatives. Conservation and climate specialists from Arabella help to manage the fund and its programs, enabling donors to collaborate and increase their impact both domestically and abroad.

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