Ideas and Impact

Strengthening the Social Fabric: Can the Social Sector Help Restore Trust?

In this event, we explored what is driving the breakdown in social trust we are experiencing as a nation—including factors such as rising inequality, increased economic precarity for the middle and working class, and rapid demographic changes—and examine the role philanthropy and the social sector can play in countering this trend.

The conversation featured Jeanné Lewis, interim CEO at Faith in Public Life, and Kara Inae Carlisle, vice president of programs at the McKnight Foundation; the conversation was moderated by Loren McArthur, senior director at Arabella Advisors.

They also talked about what role philanthropy and the social sector can play in countering these trends, and what approaches and frameworks have proven successful in bridging division. The conversation was far-ranging, energizing, and inspiring. We encourage you to watch the recording if you were unable to attend, or see this blog post summarizing key points.

Please join us over the coming weeks and months as we continue the conversation about the Future of the Social Sector. Through virtual convenings, podcasts, and publications, we will continue to bring together community leaders, experts, and changemakers to discuss new philanthropic mindsets, practices, and structures for an era of intertwined existential crises.