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Liz Sweet

Senior Director

Liz Sweet is a senior director in the San Francisco office, where she works closely with Arabella’s individual and family clients to achieve their social impact goals. Liz draws from her extensive experience in the philanthropic sector to help clients understand the root causes of complex social challenges, identify long-term solutions, and effectively measure their impact.

Previously, Liz guided members of The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW), a global network of over 400 philanthropists, in designing strategies that best leveraged their passions, talents, and assets. Over her four years as a senior officer with TPW, Liz helped lead the network’s flagship cohort program—a year-long course on strategic philanthropy—along with deep dives on human rights, food systems reform, criminal justice, and a range of social justice issues.

Liz believes strongly in the power of collaboration. While working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), she coordinated a collective impact effort to improve education in emergency contexts. In this role, Liz consulted with local stakeholders across five continents to improve educational outcomes while engaging in joint advocacy at the United Nations to increase funding for the field. Liz brings this experience working on both grassroots and policy change to help clients invest in solutions that lead to lasting impact.

Deeply committed to advancing the rights and lives of women and girls, Liz serves on the advisory board of the Alliance for Girls, the largest regional network of girl-serving organizations in the United States. She has consulted on grant making with the Global Fund for Women and worked with a small nonprofit to end violence against women in Bogotá, Colombia.

Liz holds a BA in economics from the University of California at San Diego and a master’s in international development with a concentration in social and economic development from The New School. Liz is a certified yoga instructor and lover of all racquet sports—from racquetball and badminton to paddle tennis, ping pong, and pickleball. She lives with her two daughters and husband in the Bay Area.

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