Meet The Arabella Team

Jason Edelen

Director of Information Technology

Jason Edelen joined Arabella in July 2015 as the director of information technology. He is responsible for overseeing all technology investments and activities for the firm. Jason leads the selection and implementation of software systems to create a highly integrated application portfolio across all lines of business. He ensures that all technology investments position the firm to better serve its mission.

Prior to joining Arabella, Jason was a senior IT advisor at Hartman Executive Advisors, an IT leadership and advisory firm. In this position, he served as a part-time IT director for a number of small and medium-size businesses, helping companies align their IT investments with their overall business strategies.  Before joining Hartman, Jason spent six years as the IT director at Counterpart International, a development nonprofit. In this role, he oversaw infrastructure and key business systems for the company’s headquarters and global offices.

Jason holds a BS in computer and information technology from the University of Maryland.

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