Meet The Arabella Team

Frederick Dechow

Senior Accountant

Frederick Dechow is a senior accountant on Arabella’s Managed Organizations team. He provides financial and operational support to the New Venture Fund and the other nonprofit entities that Arabella manages. He reviews monthly financial statements, prepares financial reports for clients, and provides audit support.

Prior to joining Arabella Advisors, Fred worked in accounting roles with several notable production companies and sound and visual effects houses in Southern California. He spent nearly seven years working at World of Wonder Productions, helping the company to bring challenging and transcendent new programming to a global audience. Fred then worked at Zoic Studios, where artistry and cutting-edge technology are combined to create beautiful images that have helped define the digital media age.

Fred graduated with a BA from Michigan State University, and works as a freelance personal trainer in his spare time to help inspire a love of health and fitness in people of all ages.

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