A Note On Our Work

For nearly 15 years, Arabella Advisors has served as a trusted advisor and service provider to many of the world’s most effective philanthropists, impact investors, and nonprofit organizations. Recently, a politically conservative organization called the Capital Research Center (CRC) has promoted misleading stories regarding leaders in the philanthropic space that it believes do not support its ideology, including Arabella Advisors. Though its stories do not allege any wrongdoing, it does appear to want to attack the work of several of our private clients and harm our philanthropy consulting practice. CRC’s stories are filled with factual errors and inexplicable mischaracterizations. Here are the actual facts about us.

Arabella Advisors is a consulting business that supports philanthropy. At Arabella Advisors, our mission has always been to help our clients use philanthropic resources more effectively to accomplish their goals. We do this by providing strategy advice and operational support. We do not pursue a particular ideology; we help our clients achieve philanthropic effectiveness, and we begin with the assumption that solutions to the challenges our society faces can come from concerned people with very different ideological and political viewpoints. We work in response to client demand; we do not determine how our clients use their resources. We are a certified B Corporation, and we have been recognized by Ernst & Young, the Wall Street Journal, Worth magazine, and many others for our award-winning work and the company we have built. We are particularly proud of having just been included, for the second time, in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of best entrepreneurial companies in the country.

We support our clients’ interests. We service hundreds of philanthropists and investors whose interests range from finding cures to diseases to supporting organizations rooted in their religious faith to addressing injustices through public education and policy change. While some of our clients’ interests are more visible than others, taken together they span the range of issues facing our country and the world. We are often unaware of our clients’ political perspectives, as politics often has no bearing on the work we do to support their philanthropy.

We are proud to count fiscal sponsors among our clients. Independent fiscal sponsor organizations come to Arabella for our best-in-class financial, operations, and compliance support. Since the 1950s, fiscal sponsor organizations have provided operational homes to other, smaller nonprofit projects. This creates efficiency for the smaller projects and often makes philanthropy more effective by enabling more money to reach the people and groups that need it most. Just like the diversity of Arabella’s clients, the projects hosted by the independent fiscal sponsor organizations we serve span a wide range of interests and ideological perspectives. As part of Arabella’s compliance support for our clients, we ensure that the fiscal sponsor organizations we work for adhere strictly to all charitable laws regarding donor disclosure.

We respect donor and client privacy. Many of our clients are very public about their work, as is their prerogative. Others prefer to remain private or anonymous, as is also their prerogative—and often in keeping with the spirit of their giving. Just like an accounting firm or a law firm, we do not talk publicly about our clients unless they ask us to.

We will continue to do what we do—and do it well. The Arabella team is proud to provide best-in-class administrative and strategic support to help our clients achieve their philanthropic goals. We regret that this time of great polarization has led the CRC and other organizations to make assumptions and spread misinformation about the nature and diversity of Arabella’s clients. While the work of some of our clients may draw attention at the far ends of the ideological spectrum, we remain committed to providing the impactful support we have been providing for nearly 15 years.

October 14, 2019