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Issue Brief: Supporting Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Arabella Advisors
Issue Brief: Supporting Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Working with The Hope & Grace Fund, a philanthropic project of skincare and beauty brand Philosophy, Arabella Advisors has produced a new issue brief: “Helping Women Step Out of the Shadows.”

The report notes that women’s mental health and wellbeing have traditionally received insufficient attention from the health care field, from government, and from philanthropy. This lack of attention has left a gap that needs to be filled if we hope to see progress on numerous intersecting issues, from women’s rights to health care to education. Funders who care about women, about health, and about building communities all have crucial roles to play.

According to the report:

  • “Funders now have an opportunity to drive significant impact on this issue by helping to fill this gap. By providing catalytic resources, shining a light on the critical issues at stake, and encouraging those in other fields to take action, they can drive innovations and advancements with wide-ranging positive impacts. These impacts will start with women themselves but extend quickly to the children, families, and communities that depend upon them–including, crucially, disadvantaged communities and communities of color.”
  • “Many funders can increase their impact on this front simply by considering how existing programs could include efforts to improve women’s mental health … Because philanthropy can take risks that other sectors can’t, it also has the opportunity to go bolder in addressing this issue. Beyond grants, it can foster innovative models through cutting-edge impact investment vehicles, support advocacy that creates and sustains a movement, and build networks and collaboratives that can take effective action.”

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