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The Missing Ingredient for a Good Food System (Video)

Alissa Gulin
The Missing Ingredient for a Good Food System (Video)

For a Good Food system to take root, we need to increase the flow of investment capital to companies that are working to create Good Food products and services.

At the 2016 Change Food Fest, the leader of Arabella’s Good Food team, Eric Kessler, described why Good Food investment opportunities are a good bet for investors, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike.

From sustainable farms and aquaculture operations to grocers serving food-insecure regions, worthy ventures are increasingly cropping up across the food system. What we need now is more investors to support those operations.

Good Food startups face a litany of challenges that prevent many from reaching scale. An infusion of capital from investors interested in achieving both financial returns and social good can accomplish what neither philanthropic funding nor traditional investment can.

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