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Delivering Impact through Innovative Funding Vehicles

Delivering Impact through Innovative Funding Vehicles

To deliver greater impact for the communities and causes they care about, our clients increasingly turn to innovative funding vehicles, including the four nonprofit intermediaries Arabella helps manage: the New Venture Fund, Hopewell Fund, Windward Fund, and Sixteen Thirty Fund. Such vehicles enable funders and other changemakers to:

  • Quickly incubate new initiatives
  • Respond with agility in fast-changing environments
  • Pool resources and manage risk
  • Offload tactical work to specialists and technical experts
  • Connect more effectively with those delivering impact on the ground

As such, PEAK Grantmaking (formerly the Grant Managers Network) is dedicating the current issue of its online PEAK Insight Journal to intermediaries. Based on our team’s deep experience in this area, they asked one of Arabella’s directors, Krista Batey, to guest edit the issue. Be sure to check out Krista’s “Introduction to Intermediaries,” as well as the piece on “Making Grants to a Pooled Fund” by our own Jordana Belke and Lydia Guterman.

To learn more about Arabella’s work on this front, go here, or drop us a line.

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