Moving Beyond Theories of Change

Our latest in-depth report proposes a framework for closing the gap
that too often exists between big philanthropic ideas and
real-world impact. Learn more.

Building an Economy for All

People of color and women entrepreneurs
have an outsized impact on the economy
but receive the least amount of startup funding.
Philanthropy can change that. Learn more.

Working to Increase Equity in Grant Making

Building on a wide range of input, members of our DEI task force
have developed a tool to help grant makers embed DEI principles
into their processes. Learn More.

Opening a New Office in Durham, NC

Arabella Advisors announces the
opening of its fifth office in Durham,
North Carolina. Learn More.

We help our clients improve the world through
effective philanthropy and impact investing.
Learn more about how Arabella can help.

How we help


Helping families and individuals engage for change.

How we help


Delivering comprehensive services to amplify impact

How we help


Designing, building and running effective philanthropic programs.

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