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Measuring the Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

September 2014

The global movement to divest from fossil fuels has mobilized billions of dollars in capital and engaged a broad segment of society to accelerate the just transition to a clean-energy economy. This report details the scope and scale of fossil fuel divestment commitments made to date.

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Lessons for Media Innovators

August 2014

The Knight News Challenge is an open contest designed to accelerate innovation in the ways that we create, consume, and share news and information. Recently, Arabella Advisors prepared a report on behalf of the Knight Foundation that tracks the progress of the 2010-2011 Knight News Challenge winners and offers insight into what makes media innovations successful. The report outlines eight key lessons for funders and innovators alike about how to develop successful news and information projects, and it provides guidance for any funder who seeks to nurture innovation.

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Insights on Program-Related Investing

June 2014

In 2013, the Rockefeller Foundation funded an independent evaluation, conducted by Arabella Advisors, of 12 years of program-related investments (PRIs) made both domestically and internationally. The findings of our evaluation address the portfolio’s social and financial performance, as well as opportunities to refine the PRI program strategy and align it with the foundation’s focus areas and grant-making programs. The report also considers the foundation’s contributions to the larger impact investing ecosystem. The foundation has since adjusted its practices based on the report’s findings, many of which are relevant to anyone interested in PRIs or related approaches to impact investing.

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Experiences in Impact Investing in Latin America and the Caribbean

June 2014

This webinar, hosted by Arabella Advisors, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the Linked Foundation, focused on investors’ experiences with impact investing in Latin America and the Caribbean. During this webinar, panelists discussed trends, opportunities, investment approaches, and best practices for investment in the region.

This webinar features:

  • Cynthia Muller, Senior Director of Impact Investing, Arabella Advisors
  • Oscar Farfan, Investment Officer, Multilateral Investment Fund, IDB
  • Susana Garcia-Robles, Principal Investment Officer, Multilateral Investment Fund, IDB
  • Paola Pedroza, Investment Officer, Multilateral Investment Fund, IDB
  • Nancy Swanson, Executive Director, Linked Foundation

View and listen to the entire conversation to learn more.

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Impact 2014: Ideas for Making a Difference in the Coming Year

January 2014

Our sector is facing many ongoing social and environmental challenges in 2014. With that in mind, Arabella asked some of the most innovative and dedicated people in philanthropy to share their insights about what donors should know in the coming year. From ways we can better frame our stories of success to engender more of it, to outlining opportunities to improve access to post-secondary education, invest in healthy communities, and advocate for our environment, to strategies for engaging the voices of women and Latinos, these pieces point us toward smart, timely strategies for lasting impact.

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